Working Capital for Retailers

Our Munafa product is tailor-made for small retailers, offering easy access to smart credit for their working capital requirements. Helping them in running everyday operations more efficiently and increasing sales. Our working capital is offered in the form of inventory the retailer can order and receive in advance of any payments.  Freeing up cash on hand to cover other essential expenses. Munafa helps offset your working expenses during a low sales / revenue period. We have combined the most beneficial features of several types of working capital prodcuts to create an offering which is best suited for Pakistani micro-retailers.

Top features of MUNAFA

Access to working capital from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000 We understand that micro-retailers’ needs vary from business to business.  We cater to your working capital needs from small to larger amounts.

Quick Processing Time

We process all working capital applications within 5 hours and deliver the inventory within 48 hours of the retailer accepting the offer.

Paperless & Fully Digital

There is no need to wait in long queues to present physical documents.  Our application process is fully digital and user friendly.

No Interest Charged

We don’t charge interests on any of our products to ensure we’re 100% Shariah friendly.  Making sure everything is transparent and upfront at the time of application.

Longer Payback Tenures

To make it easier and more convenient for our micro-retailers, we offer a 90 day payback period to paid in simple monthly installments.

Credit Limit Increase

We believe in financing responsibly to help make sure none of micro-retailers have any trouble making payments.  Starting with a credit limit of Rs. 10,000 we reward our customers with an increasing credit limit when they make payments on time.  

Increased Inventory Rotation

Our micro-retailers are able to rotate more inventory during the 3 months to earn more profits.

Flexible & Easy Payments

Easy monthly installments through our e-wallet partners and no penalties for early settlement.